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The trees on our property are more than just scenery, they provide reliability, strength and versatility all while asking for nothing in return. When looking to ensure that you have the options available to bring the best treatment to these stalwart property additions, turning to the experience of the neighborhood tree service Lincoln, NE has to offer will keep them in healthy and strong condition.

About Us

Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln has long been the arborist of choice in the Lincoln area, bringing everything from assisting with developing and planting to eventual tree and stump removal services. No matter the stage of life your trees are in now, making the choice to reach out to our professionals will provide you with the tree care service you need. From experienced tree cutting services to tree removal Lincoln, NE can count on, making the choice to reach out to our professionals will provide you with a thorough and attentive service that will fit your needs, however that affects your property trees.

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Our Services

​We provide the range of services needed to keep your trees in the best condition from sapling to eventual removal. Whether you’re looking for quality tree pruning, stump grinding or full tree removal options, making the choice to reach out to the experience local arborists you need will ensure that you get the best treatment in the city. With simple booking, a variety of offered services and the means to treat multiple property trees at once, you can depend on the experience and capability that our professionals bring to the city to provide the best for your property trees.

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Tree & Stump Removal

Sometimes, a tree removal service is the best option for your property and when turning to Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln for your needs, you can count on a thorough and quality removal service made available. Whether for an entire tree or simply stump grinding, you can be sure that our professionals provide you with the variety of services needed to efficiently clear out your space for future use with speed and attention to detail.

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Tree Trimming

Trimming and tree pruning brought to your property trees will not only ensure that they look their best but also provide the health benefits needed for long and sustainable growth. Whether you’re looking for vista trimming, pruning of diseased limbs and leaves or weight reduction to better promote tree safety, turning to the experts that Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln provides will ensure that you get results you can count on for the life of your trees.

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Tree Hazard Inspection

Whether it’s in terms of overhanging branches, splits in your tree’s trunk or broken limbs, knowing the level of hazard these conditions present and the best means to deal with it is important. Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln brings you the specialized arborists you need to deal with any issue. With the right knowledge and capability in your corner, you can count on the results that our experts bring to your Lincoln area property.

“Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln is the most affordable tree service in the city. I called them to bring trimming to the three trees on my property and they were very accommodating. They scheduled around my needs and the results were just what I was looking for.” – Brent H.

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“After looking high and low for a quality stump removal service, I found Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln. They gave me a lot of options when it came to the means in which they removed the stump and made sure that I had the ability to pursue my own plans afterward.” – Sarah J.

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“I needed a tree cutting service to remove an overhanging branch that was in my neighbors’ yard. Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln inspected the job for free and gave a reasonable quote, so I got the service. The results were fast and satisfied both myself and my neighbor in the end.” – Paul S.

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Tree Braces &
Support Systems

If your tree has suffered major damages, the ability to react quickly and effectively will ensure that your tree has the means to make a recovery. With the right arborist on your side, you have the means to bring effective tree bracing and tree cabling treatments to your property and the capability to nurse your tree back to health. Whatever the damages sustained, you can count on our tree surgeons to bring quality results.

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Trees that are having trouble adjusting to the soil on your property or are suffering from a lack of recent rainfall and otherwise in the Lincoln area may require fertilization services in order to provide the necessary nutrients. Turning to the professionals in tree service, trimming and removal Lincoln, NE has to offer will ensure that your tree gets the treatment necessary with quality fertilizer and expert application in order to maximise the benefits of this service.

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Tree Care

We have been bringing the neighborhood tree service in Lincoln, NE for many years and know what it takes to coax the best out of your trees. Whether this is through sapling treatment, fertilizing, trimming, pruning or disease control, you can count on the experienced services that Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln provides to ensure the best life for your trees. Bring your trees the best local treatment with a single phone call to our offices.

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Contact Us Today

Whether you’re looking for stump removal, tree felling or a general, affordable tree service for your property, making the choice to call Premier Tree Surgeons Lincoln will provide you with the simplicity you need in booking service. We understand your desire for immediate response and the capability to have a wide range of service needs covered, which is why we continually ensure that you have the means to getting the results you’re looking for no matter the state of your trees. From bringing trees to your Lincoln property, to efficiently removing them for future needs, we have your needs covered with affordable service.